I'm LaCienda

Hey love! 

This space prioritizes wellness for women of color! Together, let's stop the superwoman hustle and create new habits that heal from the inside out.

You're wearing all the hats and doing all the things...

Experience a wellness journey that's different from what you've done before, one without the hustle & overwhelm!

A lack of focus & constant fatigue no matter what you eat or do

Burnout due to the pressures of hustle culture & toxic productivity

Perfectionist self-help "solutions" pushed by trends in social media 

Emotional eating in response to the highs & lows you experience

but You're still struggling with:

Being derailed or demotivated due to a lack of support & systems

Prioritizing personal growth because you're busy people pleasing

Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe, it's about un-becoming everything that really isn't you, so that you may be who you were meant to be in the first place.

paulo coelho

The healthier, happier lifestyle you want doesn’t have to be harsh, stressful, or inconvenient. It doesn’t need the pressure of perfection or the urgency to make it happen overnight. Pivot from the programming! Yes sis, you can finally shift away from the hustle and diet culture cycles of high demand, deprivation, and disappointment.

I'm here to help you slow down and master new habits that fit into your everyday flow. When you find the sweet spot between ease with effort, you can embrace the healthier, happier version of you! Your self-care journey can be simple with habits that feel natural. So stop the war against yourself and learn to trust your mind, body, and spirit again!

Finally ready to prioritze wellness over weight?

Good, You're in the right place.

Healthy Habits

You don't have to hustle for better health and happiness! A fulfilling lifestyle doesn't require doing the most or being extra. I'll guide your journey to maintain positive changes with ease.

Mindful Meals

Overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition advice, struggled with maintaining a balanced diet, or just want to enhance your overall well-being? This whole plate program embraces eating well, with ease.

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